Ondra Glaser

Psychologist, Research assistent

Casual me

"This is me, outside of work."

There are a lot of different fields I'm interested in, outside of Psychology. In my free time, I play basketball and I'm huge NBA fan. Escpecially I support Miami Heat and it's Dwyane Wade.

As stated elsewhere, I got myself into coding and app development. My main aim is Android (Java+XML), but I am getting familiar with other platforms and languages slowly. I am still in the beginning of my journey, but at this point it's addictive fun for me.
I would describe myself as adrenalin addict and a little crazy person. I would never turn down any fun opportunity to do something strange and unconventional (Flash mob, social experiments etc.).
Next thing I'm interested in is cinematography. I can spend a lot of time watching and thinking about deep, unclear, controversial movies, such as Enemy, Holy Motors, Taxidermia, etc. This also applies to books, but to that I can't seem to find enough time lately.
From TV, I would point out my interest in Dr. Who, Parks & Recs, South Park and Simpsons. I like shows like Last Week Tonight and The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon.
Macklemore, Eminem or Tim Minchin are music artist that stuck into my heart and made significant move in me.

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