Ondra Glaser

Psychologist by day
Android Developer by night

About me

My name is Ondra (Andrew) Glaser and I have Master's degree in psychology from Palacky University, Olomouc,
Czech Republic.
I love modern advanced technology and its connection with psychology.
Outside of psychology I found my interests in Android Development. Currently I acquired Google Developer Scholarship and I am pursuing Android Dev Nanodegree on Udacity. I am just finishing my last project in the course.

Stuff I do

I just finished my Master's degree at Palacky University, Olomouc and I am enrolled in Android Developer Nanodegree by Udacity.
Below you can find my resume, my Master's and my Bachelor theses (CS).

Developer references

Lower, you can find my professional developer profiles with references and open source projects I've done.

Work possibilities

What can I do for you:

  • Psychology research

    • I can do a research or assemble proffesional team.
  • Research help

    • I can be valuable part of research team and I can give valuable advices.
  • Android Development

    • I will create android app tailored for your needs and users.
  • Methodology consultation

    • Problems with methodology or statistics? Contact me!
  • Bachelor thesis supervision/check

    • I can give valuable advices for your bachelor thesis and/or check it for errors.
  • Basic psychology consultation

    • I don't have therapeutic training yet, but I can give you basic student consultations.
  • Anything else you want?

    • If you have any offering, listed or not, feel free to contact me. I will send you my counteroffer or I will send you contact to someone who could do it for you.

Contact me